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Welcoming Fall With a Strong Physical Vessel and a Balanced Spirit


Fall is a time to strengthen and build our inner life, a time to count our blessings, and to seek balance.

The leaves are beginning to change color and the air is light, crisp, and clear. Fall winds stir up the landscape, bringing news of cooler weather. The animals gather and prepare for winter. This is an important time to prepare our body and soul for the cold months. 

Common themes associated with fall are: emotional healing, death and rebirth, letting go, gathering, embracing darkness and light, balance, gratitude, creative fire, and starting over.  Below are a few suggestions as to how you can welcome fall with a strong physical vessel and a balanced spirit.  

Strengthening Body

When there is a change in season, the body goes through a phase of adjustment. We may not realize that we need more rest and relaxation during this transition. This is when so many catch the flu or experience increasing sensitivity to allergies. It's wise to consume warm foods and drinks. Avoid skipping meals, and do not fast. Establish regular mealtimes. Keep your ears covered in the wind and cold. Wear warmer clothing as the temperature drops. Stay hydrated by drinking warm water. Rest and nap if needed. Listen to your body!

We have recently begun an Ayurvedic diet in our family. I ordered "The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook" by Kate O'Donnell and "Eat Taste Heal" by Thomas Yarema, Daniel Rhoda and Johnny Brannigan, and I learned many useful things about food and digestion. The Ayurvedic fall diet can really support our health during the cold months. Below are some of the recommendations I found in these excellent books.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
— Albert Camus

The elements of fall are air and fire (early fall).

Qualities to introduce are: warming, grounding, moist, rhythm and routine.

Qualities to reduce are: cold, doing too much, dry, and an erratic lifestyle.

Imbalances in the body may show up as gas, bloating, constipation, dry skin and scalp, and anxiety. 

Favor warm, moist, slightly oily, and building foods such as: root vegetables, cooked greens, warming spices (cinnamon, ginger, cumin, fennel, and salt), warm and spiced milk, raw or fresh roasted nuts and seeds, rich cold-pressed oils (coconut and sesame), moist grains (wheat, brown rice, and oats), sweet or heavy fruits (bananas, mangos, cranberries, apples, pears), proteins from small legumes (red lentils, mung beans, split peas), eggs, tofu, most meats for nonvegetarians.

Reduce dry foods (chips and crackers), coffee, carbonated drinks, large beans, raw foods.

Spiced nut milk smoothie (Kate O'Donnell's recipe)

1/4 cup soaked almonds
3/4 cup warm water
1 tsp maple syrup
3/4 tsp Everyday Sweet Spice Mix (2 tbsp cinnamon, 2tbsp ginger powder, 1 tbsp cardamom powder)
1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract (optional)
pinch of salt

Take long walks in nature and breathe deeply. Massage yourself with warm oil once a day. Enjoy warm baths with fall essential oils from doTERRA like Frankincense and Wild Orange and/or diffuse Clove, Cinnamon, Juniper Berry, Cedar, Patchouli, and Cardamom to create a warm and grounding atmosphere in your home.

Try our energy healing session to release energetic debris from the year and strengthen your immune system. 

Nourishing Soul

I love fall. It is my favorite season of all. The colors, the smells, the moody winds and the crisp air all trigger my sensual and creative self.

The chakras can help us relate to fall in a deeper way and guide us as to how we can better nourish our soul selves. 

We will let the autumnal colors determine what chakras to address. 


The bold reds connect us with the root chakra. This chakra is the gateway to the earth and the feminine, as earth is the element it is associated with. During autumn all life in nature starts to withdraw back into the earth where it will be renewed next spring. Autumn is a time to focus on grounding, slowing down, and seeking support from our communities and our tribe. The root chakra reminds us to answer to our most basic needs and our own nourishment. It is wise to care for our home base making it a peaceful and warm environment to retreat to. 

The orange and golden hues activate our Sacral chakra and our hunger for romance and creative inspiration. We feel compelled to move beyond basic survival and pursue pleasure in all forms. Caring for your relationships will help you through the colder months. Deep down our emotional instinctual selves long for connection. Cook up nourishing beautiful food and share it with your friends and family to create a sense of abundance. Celebrate and live life. Find a creative project that your soul and follow it through to completion.

Vibrant yellows anchor the energy of the Solar Plexus chakra. The third chakra is our inner sun and our fire. Autumn is when we enjoy the last of the sun's warmth and light for the year. We soak it up and feel quite a bit brighter inside. Soon a desire to start over and launch ourselves in new ways into the world makes itself known and spurs us to take action. The solar plexus chakra is very much about self-empowerment and stamina. It is about embracing our individuality and turning inwards to reflect on our true values.    

Invoking Spiritual Assistance

Lit charcoal with Frankincense and Copal resin in my Mother Earth burner. 

Lit charcoal with Frankincense and Copal resin in my Mother Earth burner. 

The fall winds of change are sweeping through our lives both literally and metaphorically and everything seems to be up in the air. So much is possible if we stay open and centered. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and scattered. We will swirl and twirl like a leaf at the mercy of the wind unless we ground. 

Performing ceremony is how I best know to ground myself and connect. It reminds me that I am co-creating my life with the powers of the universe.

Below is an example of a fall ceremony. As always, feel free to elaborate on how to make your ceremony fun and meaningful to you. 

First, decide on the reasons why you are doing this ceremony. The purpose of ceremony is to call in spiritual assistance, so be clear on what you are asking for. Also, find a gift to give in return for your answered prayers. I like to offer holy water, incense, herbs, and flowers.

I will do my fall ceremony in the evening as the sun is setting because it ties in with the theme of the fading life and light of the season.

Open sacred space. Call in your guides and angels with a prayer. Light a covered candle or have a bonfire (if safe). GIve your gifts.

Turn to the West direction of the setting sun and release what you no longer need. Ask for healing, comfort, and guidance as to what lies beyond this death.

Face the East direction of the rising sun and speak of that which you wish to birth anew. Call a power animal to join you on this new adventure. Ask it what gifts it is lending you.

Close your eyes and turn to your heart center for a moment. Love yourself unconditionally. Reflect on your true values and the person you are becoming.

Offer up a prayer for your community and the world. Sing a song or play an instrument to celebrate and entertain your helping spirits.

Close sacred space and blow out your candle. Engage in self-care. Take a warm bath and cook a nourishing meal. Rest and replenish.

The Wheel of Fortune

Tarot card #10 of the Major Arcana, the Wheel of Fortune, reflects the movement and creative chaos of fall. This card teaches us to flow with change. Other themes associated with the Wheel of Fortune are; inspiration, good fortune, breakthroughs, endings and beginnings, and a deeper understanding of our soul purpose and destiny.

Taking a new class, rearranging your daily schedule, traveling, studying or doing things you have long wanted but haven't taken the time to do are all timely. Do not remain stuck in old routines because change is coming and it is going to be significant. 

You may find a Life Path Reading helpful as you release and open to new growth. 


Second Chances

The magic of fall, in my opinion, is that of second chances. A new dawn is approaching. We are more than halfway through the year and here is an opportunity to re-evaluate, plant new seeds and approach life with a renewed sense of hope and faith.

This is your chance to develop your dream project, to embark on an adventure, and taking risks in initiating what your intuitive self has been telling you to do.

But fall must not be all about staying busy. The urge to slow down and hibernate is just as strong and perhaps more important.

Welcome fall in your home under a warm blanket with your favorite book or movie. 




Working with the solar eclipse and Black New Moon

Soul Garden friends, 

This is a time to be aware of and work with the energies of the universe. Two major cosmic events may function as portals to another future and it's up to us to walk through these portals. 

The Solar Eclipse

Media has reported quite a bit about the upcoming total solar eclipse on Monday, August 21. A solar eclipse is a New Moon eclipse and it happens when the moon moves right in front of the sun covering it completely as seen from Earth. 

Eclipses are gateways to another future in the part of our life being triggered. This particular eclipse is in Leo (leadership, passion, creativity, and pleasure).

Moonboat to Dreamland by Hugh Williams

Moonboat to Dreamland by Hugh Williams

Most modern astrologers agree that eclipses are amazing portents of potential change, bringing things back into harmony or balance.  We get shoved back onto our true path by these events, whether we're ready or not. What happens by the time of an eclipse can be challenging and yet they almost always work out for the best. The easiest way to deal with an eclipse is to avoid hanging onto the past and surrender to the will of the universe. 

The Black Moon

The black (new) moon occurs on August 21st / 22nd. This black moon is also a total solar eclipse, giving it even greater importance. Its cycle continues until the next black moon cycle in Cancer, beginning in June/July 2020.

A black moon is the second new moon in a solar month. The moon is new twice while passing through the same zodiac sign, with the second of those moons being a black moon. Black moons occur roughly every two and a half to three years. 

The black moon heralds the birth of a significant new life cycle and comes in two parts: the first new moon which occurred on July 23 provided an opportunity to contemplate coming changes and make any necessary adjustments in current plans, and the actual black moon a month later, which signifies the birth of new beginnings and an important fresh start. 

We can use the black moon's energy to prepare for changes in our inner and outer worlds, alterations that may change the course of our life due to this new moon's supercharge. We have up until August 21-22 to instigate any necessary adjustments on our path before the black moon arrives and a new phase is born on August 23. 

Once the black moon arrives, we may see a new life theme that develops and evolves across the coming two to three years. This is no ordinary new moon but the birth of a whole new phase. 

The 2017 black moon and solar eclipse occurs in the sign of Leo, highlighting the following issues for our reflection:

  • How we show up for self and others 
  • Leadership 
  • Openness to life and opportunities 
  • Aligning with passion and purpose
  • Self-love 
  • Creative potential

Ceremonial Suggestion

The new moon is also a dark moon and it's best to just rest and remain open to guidance on this day. For those who wish to do ceremony, the day after the new moon would be ideal.

While the methods and content vary, the purpose of ceremony is always to call in spiritual assistance. Intention is key. Be authentic and create a ceremony that helps you stay connected to your Divine throughout. Below is an example of a ceremony that would work well for the events and energies mentioned in this blog. 

A stone for “new beginnings”, Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength. It soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilises the emotions, providing calmness. Moonstone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters.

A stone for “new beginnings”, Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength. It soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilises the emotions, providing calmness. Moonstone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters.

  • Begin by meditating and setting a powerful intention. What are you asking spirit for? Reflect on what you would like to experience over the next two and a half to three years until the next black moon cycle. How will you grow and align more with your passion and purpose? What in your life deserves your commitment, energy and will? How do you wish to serve your community?
  • Gather gifts for Mother Earth (herbs, seeds, holy water or oils). 
  • Choose a place in nature that you connect deeply with, where you will not be disturbed. Bring your offering and all other items that are a part of your ceremony. You may want to use a prayer stick to blow your intentions into or a written note. 
  • Sit or lay in your place and relax for a few minutes. Use your breath to release tension in your body and mind. 
  • Smudge yourself.
  • Sprinkle your offerings on the ground before you. Decorate the ground with flowers, leaves, twigs and rocks. You could make a mandala.
  • Open sacred space. Say a prayer. Call in the directions. Call in your helpers. Light a covered candle. Remember intention is key. Do what has meaning to you personally. You'll know what to do here. 
  • Stand facing south. This is the direction of right action, physical healing, and growth. Ask for guidance about your choices and actions over the next few years. See if an animal ally wants to lend its gifts to you for this new phase.
  • Face the west direction. This is the place of death, letting go, and emotional healing. What are you releasing to make room for the new? Give it to the setting sun.
  • Turn and face the north direction of forgiveness, wisdom and spiritual healing. Call on your ancestors and spirit helpers to show you who and what you need to forgive in your life. What conflicts need to be put to rest? What have you learned about your path so far? Take stock of where you are in the great scheme of things. REFLECT!
  • Face the east direction of new beginnings, awakening and mental healing. Give your new moon wishes to the rising sun. Dwell in gratitude and feel the manifestation of your dreams as if it is already happening. Open to the possibilities of the new journey. 
  • Last feel into your sacred heart, your place of union and love. Thank yourself for showing up and doing your best. Love yourself unconditionally for a moment. Extend that love to your family and friends, community and the world.
  • Offer a gift to your Divine. Play an instrument and/or sing. Read a poem. Do a chant.
  • Close sacred space and thank your spirit helpers.
  • Celebrate with friends or on your own. Do something special for yourself. If you wrote down your new moon/black moon wishes, it may be helpful to keep them in a little alchemy/prayer box on your altar. This way you could check back in later to see if you are on proper course with your soul.

The moon is associated with emotions, femininity, mothers, the Goddess, cycles, healing the past, shadow work, nourishment, moods, sensitivity, the subconscious, and more. Working with the moon cycles has been life changing for me. It is such a powerful process and it has helped me to remember that I am a part of something much bigger. We are one with the earth and skies and all that lies beyond.

May you find your way through this powerful transition and come out on the other side wiser and more in tune with your soul's destiny.