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GROWing the soul green again

Soul Garden Companion offers energy healing and intuitive/psychic readings in Zion Canyon, Springdale, St. George and the Southern Utah area. We also service the Las Vegas area. Victoria has been facilitating the healing of individuals through her energy work, tarot/pyschic readings and shamanic healing for over ten years. We offer the tools, wisdom and encouragement to help you move forward. Contact us today to launch your journey.

Warming the earth of our inner landscape

I have previously written about Life Path Readings and I will continue my introduction of our healing sessions. This time the focus is Warming the Earth.

The work of warming our inner landscape is sweet. We must all do it from time to time or resign to the life of the sleepwalker. When the soul goes into hiding and the instinctual voice becomes faint, it means we have spent too much time in the topside world. We have been too much in our thinking minds, overly concerned with day-to-day chores, and less involved with our passions and our creative fire. It becomes urgent that we make the journey home to the soul.

What is soul? We can each come up with our own definition and I do not claim to have the ultimate answer here. I experience soul as our vital life energy, the spark, and the force behind our creative drive. When shamans speak of soul loss they refer to it as a power loss and I agree that this is how it feels to be disconnected from the deep self. There is no fuel to move us forward, no wind in our sails to steer us on the pathway to healing and growth.

soul light.jpg

I often hold my hand over my heart when I speak from my soul. The heart center is what I perceive to be my soul home. You may find that it has a different location for you. Take the time to go within and ask where your soul home is located in your body. It will give you a head start when you are in the process of reconnecting.

Nature is a great ally when we do the work of revitalizing and retrieving our soul. I feel very fortunate to work with the unique and powerful spirit of Zion Canyon and I intend to do sessions on the land, when the weather allows it. We may do a Soul Garden Visualization by the Virgin River or wander into the mountains for ceremony and vision. The barren landscape and stillness of the desert allows for contemplation, for the deep work to be done.

Reconnecting with the soul and renewing one's life force energy, requires an honest evaluation of habits and life style. A light diet, regular exercise, a nurturing home environment, and healthy work space all matter. There was a time in my life when I paid little attention to these things. Nothing in my immediate surroundings supported my soul's journey and I was held back by the chaos and confusion that my dominant ego was creating. A life threatening stomach condition and major surgery became a turning point. Our Warming the Earth session will give you suggestions as to how you can raise your vibration by making lifestyle changes that support your soul's evolution.

Speak Your Truth By Mara Friedman

Speak Your Truth By Mara Friedman

There is tremendous power and potential in the human voice, and the making of sound. Shamanic healing uses the voice and various other sound makers at the center of most healing sessions. The rattle is known to be one of the oldest healing instruments on earth. I use it to clear stagnant energy and call in my spirit allies. The drum energizes and calls up our soul to the surface while the voice channels our heart and our deepest truth. The Warming the Earth sound healing session is as fun as it is empowering. I work on your energy field for part of it and then we'll sing and play healing instruments to nourish the wild and instinctual.

My shamanic teachers taught me how to cleanse dense energy and draw light energy through the navel area to help clients recover from illness and fatigue. They referred to the navel or "Qosqo"as our primary energy center, “our spiritual and energetic stomach". Clarissa Pinkola Estés suggests that the womb is our immune center and the harbor for our creative seeds, in "Women Who Run With the Wolves". Nationally renowned herbalist and natural health expert Queen Afua claims that a healthy womb means good overall health. The second chakra plays an important role in revitalizing our soul power and our ability to enjoy life in the present moment. A majority of the energy work I do is aimed at restoring the fire energy of the second chakra.

Skywatcher by Susan Seddon Boulet

Skywatcher by Susan Seddon Boulet

Returning to our soul home is a nurturing and deeply transformative act of love. Our soul home is our inner sanctuary and our resting place. It is the place of magic and dreaming. Miracles abound when we tend to our soul, because finally we allow life to come to us. We allow ourselves to be showered with unexpected gifts from Source.

I will leave you with a Clarissa Pinkola Estes quote that I love;

"There is human time and there is wild time".

Learn when it is time to nourish the wild, instinctual and go warm the fertile grounds of your inner landscape.