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Soul Garden Companion offers energy healing and intuitive/psychic readings in Zion Canyon, Springdale, St. George and the Southern Utah area. We also service the Las Vegas area. Victoria has been facilitating the healing of individuals through her energy work, tarot/pyschic readings and shamanic healing for over ten years. We offer the tools, wisdom and encouragement to help you move forward. Contact us today to launch your journey.

The fourth chakra ~ awakened heart

The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return. - Nature Boy, Eden Ahbez

The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return. - Nature Boy, Eden Ahbez

In the fourth chakra, we grow our ability to give and receive love. We learn to respond to our longing and choose our destiny.

We may try to live our lives through the first three chakras, but eventually we discover that we can't make the Hero's journey alone. We all need love, passion, warmth, nurturing, friendship and intimacy. We need to interact with the global community in order to fully activate our destiny. 

The Fourth Chakra

Sanskrit Name: Anahata (unbound), Element: Air, Color: Green, Body Aspects: Circulatory system, lungs, breasts, heart, asthma, immune deficiencies, Psychological Aspects: Love, hope, surrender to another, compassion, caring, intimacy, Gland: Thymus, Seeds: Unconditional love, forgiveness, generosity, union, love, balance, grace, Negative Expressions: Ego Aggrandizement, resentment, selfishness, grief, loneliness, envy, abandonment, betrayal, Corresponding Ages: 21-28. 

Located at the cardiac plexus, in the center of the chest, the heart chakra is the axis of the chakra system. It seeks balance for it is the center of the whole system. 

Open Heart by Mara Friedman

Open Heart by Mara Friedman

An open heart is tolerant and optimistic. When your heart is balanced you accept yourself and others without judgment. Your actions are kind and forgiving. It is very healing and comforting to be around you because you feel safe and your friends know that you want nothing in return for the love you give. There is a charismatic quality about you and you are a magnet for good. You are easy-going, accepting, graceful and soothing to be around. 

Do you know a heart-based person? 

If your heart chakra is off balance you may withdraw from intimacy and closeness. You may push people away intentionally and this isolation causes much suffering because you are shut off from your sources of nurturing. The world appears to be an unfriendly place causing you to become extra cautious and on guard, even paranoid. Because you feel no connection with others, you may become critical, suspicious, and defensive, which only worsens your problem. Having a closed heart sets you up for rejection. Underneath the hard surface lies an unhealed emotional wound that could benefit much from other people's loving care, if you'd let them. An injured and fearful individual who is trying to commit to being in a relationship will most likely engage in power play and games of hide and seek. It will be very difficult for him or her to open up and fully give their heart to another.

Most of us have a core wound and a story that goes with it. Releasing this old story opens the door to our happiness and success.  My mother passed away when I was fifteen. I spent most of my twenties re-creating this trauma of loss and abandonment in my close relationships. I created a lot of confusion and heartbreak for myself and others until I saw the pattern. My husband of eight years showed up when finally I became the person I was looking for. This is a powerful magnet for attracting love into your life. When we are filled with purpose, when we are lit up from inside, love finds us.  

What do you wish to attract in your life? Have you been successful in attracting things in the past?  Synchronicity is where Spirit meets destiny. Follow the flow and it will tell you where there is true potential.

Forgiveness has its seasons and we must grow our heart muscle strong and our soul old before we are ready to master this lesson. There will come a time, however, when an excuse not to let go is just that. We realize at that point, that our suffering is self imposed and that we have the power to move on and embrace our future with an open heart. Resentment must not be allowed to linger because it will poison any new growth that we are meant to experience.   

I am a devoted healing practitioner and I know how easy it is to be the overly giving heart. My shamanic teacher said being an empath does not serve the healer. I find this to be true. If I was to take on the sometimes intense suffering of my clients, I would not last very long. Give to yourself first. If you do healing work, make sure to align yourself with your Divine and call in sacred space before each session. Cleanse your space, your tools and yourself thoroughly after. You are a channel. You are a compassionate soul. And you allow each person to fully experience their unique healing journey.

Awakening Your Heart

Read poetry. Reach out and physically touch the people you love. Invite a friend over for dinner or make your friend a meal and take it to his or her place. Be generous with your time and money. Write an email or a letter of appreciation to someone who have made a positive difference in your life. Wear something green. Work with Jade, Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, and Rhodonite gem stones. Eat lots of fresh green veggies. Write a love letter for self. Soak in a long bath with oils of Rose, Jasmine, Lavender or Ylang Ylang while thinking of your best qualities. Apologize to those you have hurt. Spend substantial time in nature. Say yes when someone asks your for help. Make a gratitude list. Offer to baby-sit. Get an intuitive reading at Soul Garden Companion. Send a care basket to a friend in need. Write a song or poetry and share it with others. Forgive your family members or someone you hold a grudge against. Create your spiritual family, and connect with them often. Take a healing workshop and may I suggest the Sacred Soul Circle that we offer at Soul Garden Companion. Get a pet friend. Ask for support instead of trying to do it all yourself. Make time for loving and tender care of YOU. Tell the people you love that you love them. Live your dreams. 

Coming out from underneath this cloud. Soaring where eagles nest. Skies may fall. I will not stray no more. True love my final quest. - Venus Rise, Victoria Lagerstrom

Coming out from underneath this cloud. Soaring where eagles nest. Skies may fall. I will not stray no more. True love my final quest. - Venus Rise, Victoria Lagerstrom

What would you love to do that you are not doing? What is your heart longing for and how are you fulfilling this longing on a day to day basis? These are important questions to ask. When I connected with my longing, I realized I had to make some drastic changes. I had strayed from my authentic soul path. The voice of my longing surprised me. It spoke of simple things like being in nature every day, connecting with my Divine, and spending quality time with my family and friends. We are meant to soar and build our nests high like eagle.