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A Lesson in Worthiness

A path of plenitude opening before you.Though your destination is not clear, you can trust the promise of this opening. Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning that is one with your life’s desire. Awaken your spirit to adventure. Hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk. Soon you will be home in a new rhythm for your soul senses the world that awaits you.
— John O'Donohue

We have almost reached the conclusion of our blog series on the 22 spiritual lessons of the Major Arcana.

My goal with the series, was to highlight how this old system of divination is still applicable and valuable on our journey to wholeness.

Each lesson has been displayed with a short summary of its core message, everyday applications and suggestions how to address the challenges that may follow. I have pulled a card each week to determine what lesson to feature. This has been a great method for diving deep into each archetypal pattern and experiencing how the energies impact my life. 



Our second to last Major Arcana lesson will be card #10, The Wheel of Fortune. This is a wonderful card to see in any reading. Good fortune is assured and all you have to do to receive it, is to believe in your own worthiness.

A wonderful new beginning is being ushered into your life and it will arise with great ease and a sense of it being destined. A change is up ahead complete with abundance, happiness and joy. You are a Phoenix rising from the ashes of the old. The hard work you have done in the previous phase is now opening up new doors of opportunity that connect you with your soul's destiny. Successful growth is assured. Rest in gratitude for this new phase that is beginning for you. You are truly blessed.

Keywords: Fortune, luck, opportunity, endings and beginnings, movement, completion, harvest time, resurrection, destiny, readiness for success, breakthroughs, wealth, new careers, marriages, alliances and launching of new life priorities, travel, deeper understanding of your purpose and destiny, laziness, procrastination, regression, limiting beliefs, fear blocking progress 


The Wheel of Fortune represents motion and change. New inspirations, hopes and ideals are eager to be expressed in the world. It's time to nurture and give to your creation whatever form it may take (a project, relationship or area of focus in your life). The seed you have planted long ago has flowered and is now about ready to bear fruit. Tend to this with your whole heart. Look after and nurture your creation with the loving energy of a mother caring for her precious child. 

I remain centered, allowing the rainbow bridge of opportunity to connect me with my destiny. - Isha Lerner, Triple Goddess tarot

I remain centered, allowing the rainbow bridge of opportunity to connect me with my destiny. - Isha Lerner, Triple Goddess tarot

Expect this transformation to be a time of creative chaos and change. The Wheel of Fortune is referred to as a resurrection for a good reason. It is a rebirth into a fuller life. Hidden treasures within you are about to blossom. It's time to open to a future of grand proportions.

The influx of new ideas and activity that the wheel of fortune offers can be overwhelming and exhausting at times. Try to stay focused on all things good. Don't allow your fears or limiting beliefs to hold you back at this point. Face your fears head on and take risks. You will be greatly rewarded. Break out of old routines and habits. Traveling can be stimulating as well as learning about new cultures, religions and myths. Creating movement in your day to day life will help usher in the changes looming on the horizon.  

What phase of your life has reached completion?

The changes implied by the Wheel of Fortune are also happening on the emotional, mental and spiritual planes depending on the position of the card in a reading. 

I have seen this card show up many times in readings, like a beacon of hope in an otherwise challenging spread. I know my job is to plant that seed of hope firmly and make sure that the client applies a posture of openness, trust and surrender no matter what. They must hold the vision somehow and hold it until the winds of change blow in and carry them forward into a more promising future. The poem by John O'Donohue at the top of the page illustrates this well.


Create an abundance altar dedicated to the Indian Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. 

Create an abundance altar dedicated to the Indian Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. 

As already mentioned above, it is very important to remain trusting and open during transformation. You could try lying down on the ground in an open position with your palms up, repeating an affirmation such as " I open to and embrace the new opportunities before me. I know that I am held and divinely guided and that this unfoldment serves my soul's purpose." If fears come up, hold them with compassion. 

Keep a journal and document your feelings and listen for guidance. Yoga and meditation will help ground you as will nature especially water at this time. 

Identify the change happening and notice your attitude toward it. What helps you relax and open to change, and how do you resist it? Even positive change can be stressful so be gentle with yourself. Although parts of you may be in reverse and slowing you down, ultimately it can't stop the turning Wheel of Fortune.