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A lesson in forgiveness

This is the first in a series of blogs about the Major Arcana of the Tarot. The Major Arcana are in some ways the most important cards in the Tarot deck. They are the symbols of all life cycles on the journey to self- realization.

No other tool of divination has had a greater impact on my life than the Tarot. I have spent fifteen years with this incredible companion and I treasure it more and more as time goes by. It is the true friend that is always there for me.

Each of the 21 archetypal themes of the Major Arcana contain an important life lesson to master. I will cover these lessons in random order starting with card no. 20, often referred to as the "Judgment" card. Last week's blog showed how the fateful energy of this card might manifest in our lives. It often comes to us in readings when we are ready to look at the sum total of our life choices and forgive whatever we find under the lens of truth.

Keywords: rebirth, inner calling, forgiveness, absolution, healing, compassion, spiritual awakening.

We can not move this mountain until our souls have reached a certain stage of maturation. It is a sometimes ruthless journey but it is necessary and appropriate, because this card marks the beginning of a life cycle whose momentum carries forward towards completion of the cycle.

We may wish to procrastinate because this card is often accompanied by major changes. It is a wake-up call similar to the "Tower". Answering this call involves even more blood, sweat and tears however. The reward is a deepening and an understanding of our unique journey. It is the birth of one's true self and a celebratory moment in the life and healing of the soul.


What is required of us when we enter into this process of learning about forgiveness? We must engage with truth and see our patterns clearly. We are where we are because of our life choices.

Circumstances and events are not always fair, making it sometimes difficult to appreciate their deeper meaning. In times of hardship the soul learns to surrender to a higher plan, one that involves faith and the willingness to receive spiritual guidance and unconditional love. 

This card may also show up as a reminder to be compassionate with a loved one while they go through the fire of transformation.


Slow down and acknowledge the importance of this purification and rebirth. Take long walks in nature and observe how it moves through the various cycles without resistance or struggle. Nature does not fear, nor does it judge.

Illustration of card no.20 of the Major Arcana, "Alchemy" by Mara Friedman.

Illustration of card no.20 of the Major Arcana, "Alchemy" by Mara Friedman.

Prayer and meditation heal the soul in times of great transformation. Find time to commune with the Divine on a daily basis. Have some energy work done to make sure that intense emotions are lovingly attended to and cleansed from your energy body. Be kind to yourself. Practice self love and self care. You are healing your body and your soul.

Do not fear the changes occurring in and around you. These changes are what your heart is longing for or they wouldn't be happening. You have mastered many lessons and turned many stones in search of your true expression in the world. Now is the time to forgive yourself, clear the path and travel light.