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A lesson in divine chaos

Whether you want it or not the chaos of Major Arcana card #16, the Tower, will liberate you from the narrow concepts that kept you safe but bound. This is the upheaval card of the Tarot, a wild fire that sweeps through your life and leaves you with a clean slate. Revolting against these powerful forces will only intensify your pain. Go with the flow instead of resisting it. Stay close to Divine Source and watch the destruction from a distance. New pathways will appear, like green sprouts, from the ashes of your old self. Trust the internal (and possibly external) chaos that shakes up your life.

Keywords: Upheaval, abrupt change, shedding of old values, concepts, ideas and concerns, breaking away from restrictions, crisis, walls tumbling within and without, a dramatic wake-up call, divine intervention of a shocking nature.


The process of the Tower is that of being shocked into stillness and surrender so that we can know the truth and embrace our destiny. 

We only fear this power because we can't control it. It helps to remember that, once the storm has passed, you will feel more free, awake and open.

Writing about the Tower takes me back to a time in my life, when I was recovering from major trauma on my body and soul. I spent eight days in the hospital with a ruptured appendix. The doctors had no idea what was going on because somehow this life threatening condition wasn't showing up on their scans. I was in so much pain, unable to keep any food down and paralyzed with fear. The physical struggle shattered the walls that my ego had built around my heart and I had a profound awakening. I woke up after my major surgery, with a bold new vision for my life. I knew I had been given a second chance to live authentically and I was ready to act on that awareness.

A dear friend had given me "The Phoenix Process" by Elizabeth Kubler Ross, to read while recovering, and the poem on the first page read; Don't go back to sleep. It burst my heart open and I wept. It was a deep cry, the kind that frees up your chest and makes you feel really light after. My life had been going on automatic for quite a while. I had a job that bored me to tears, I was clinging to a doomed relationship and I had given up on my dream to pursue music as a career. My walls were so high I could not access my inner light anymore. Illusion had a firm grip on me. The Divine had to bring me face to face with death for me to surrender to and acknowledge my truth. 

This kind of upheaval only happens when we refuse to listen to and act on the more subtle guidance from our heart. The Divine intervenes on our behalf because we are unable to save ourselves.

You may experience the loss of a job, a shift in a relationship, or face a sudden health crisis like I did. False beliefs, limiting conditions, restrictions based on fear and closed-mindedness or closed hearts in oneself or others have reached a crisis for a good reason. Let the walls crumble! Nothing that has been built on a foundation of fabrication can remain standing.

Out of this divine chaos, something new and positive will arise. You will have the gift of realizing who you truly are. The power to choose and to take action is the liberating positive aspect of the Tower.  


Be very gentle with yourself. It is important to support your body in dealing with the trauma of sudden unexpected change, as well as your scared inner child and grappling adult.

Connect with the earth and stay grounded in your body. Smudge yourself, drum and rattle for comfort. Breathe deeply and slowly and remember to eat and drink. Grains and protein tend to be more grounding.

Carry or wear a stone like Hematite that is known to be grounding. Use a flower essence like Rescue Remedy from Bach's Flower Essences or Lavender essential oil. If you can, put off important decisions until you feel stabilized again.   

The earth quake will pass. Order will be reestablished. This chaos has not come out of vengeance, but out of love. Stay connected with your Divine Source and have faith in the changes you are invited to make at this time.

I know from my own experience that you'll work this one out and rise as a stronger person, rooted in your truth.