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A lesson in divine magic

Major Arcana card #1, The Magician, is the card in the deck that says this is your time. Choose your thoughts carefully because your manifestation power is heightened and you can perform magic, literally.

Whenever I see The Magician in a reading, I know I must do whatever it takes to make the person in front of me realize the incredible power available to them in that moment.

The Magician represents conscious creation, the ability to manifest or create what you long for. That which you set your intention to create will become your life. You have come with unique gifts and a special mission. Use your focused will with the power and inspiration of your heart and inspiration, to become a channel for creation.

Keywords: Initiative, magic, invention, genius, entrepreneurship, focus, discipline, organization, will, manifestation, deliberate use of thought and feeling, vision, possibility, abuse of power/manipulation/dark magic (if reversed).


At this stage we must take eager yet thoughtful steps toward the new path of manifestation that lies ahead. 

The Magician does not try to force something whose time has not come. His action is in harmony with the greater whole. An example is the artist whose creation is colored by his or her personal experience, but whose inspiration often comes from a place beyond the personal. It will not only result in a creative product, but includes the expression of one's soul-self as well. 

When you are working with the energy of The Magician, you will be working with your third chakra (solar plexus), your power center. You will be motivated to create and it is important that you do so. This is a time to set intentions, to plant seeds. Focus on what rather than how, to avoid getting stuck in fear or doubt. Think outside the box and believe in miracles and magic, for they truly are abundant. You have the ability to make your hopes and dreams come true if you approach them with skill and timing.

Art by Susan Seddon Boulet

Art by Susan Seddon Boulet

Every now and then while pouring my heart into the transmission of the magic and possibility of this card, I get a blank stare from my client. If this card shows up and you don't really know what you want to create, be still and listen. Feel what is waiting to be born in you. 

You may want to work with affirmations and visualizations as part of your manifestation. You will also have to mobilize your real-world skills and gifts to harness your will and learn to persist. The magician marks a magical beginning. It will take discipline and stamina to see your dream through all the way to its powerful manifestation. Give yourself room to experiment and play, because this will help you open the channel. 

The process here is using your unique gifts (tools) paired with will and Divine inspiration for the accomplishment of your "Great Work." Creative action with great anticipation. The true magician expects miracles. Create with confidence or not at all. 


One thing I did, when working more consciously to understand the influence of The Magician, was engaging a power animal in the process. You can pull a card from an animal deck or ask an animal to show itself to you in real life, in a dream or during meditation. This animal is your ally in manifesting your dreams. Mine happens to be the Blue Heron. He shows up whenever I need to reflect an important choice on the path to realizing my destiny. His medicine is self reflection, authenticity and following through on your heart's desires. I have been on the verge of making a decision out of fear and doubt and he is right there, soaring above my head. It never fails. I am so grateful for this wise companion.

Song of Creation by Mara Friedman

Song of Creation by Mara Friedman

Create a magic wand out of a piece of wood. Take a walk in nature and ask to be shown the perfect stick to use. Decorate it as you see fit. I used feathers that were gifted to me, an animal fetish to represent my medicine, and a beautiful ribbon that a dear friend gave me. I like to include my wand in ceremony, healing sessions or just for inspiration and tuning into my creative genius (we all have one).

Dress your magician in garments that make you feel powerful and in your creative element. I sometimes use a Tibetan scarf that my husband gave me, for self or client when I perform a healing session. 

Be healthy, spend time in nature in the sun especially, stay active and alert, meditate when you can and make sure you vibrate on the level of the light worker you are meant to be at this stage in your life. This is your time! Expect magic and miracles to bless your path.