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a lesson in mastery

Major arcana card #7,The Chariot, is a call to greatness. It represents the journey that Joseph Campbell refers to as the hero's journey and following your bliss.The hero's journey is the journey home to your soul. You have participated long enough in the mindless busyness to understand, that this kind of treadmill existence is a vicious cycle of struggle and compromise. It is time to become the social and spiritual activist/warrior.

The Journey Home by Mara Friedman

The Journey Home by Mara Friedman

When you draw or are drawn to Major Arcana card #7, The Chariot, you are receiving an invitation to follow your heart and allowing for your intuitive self to be in charge. Accept it or spend forever wondering about the adventure your life could have been.

It may not be the righteous path and it wont be the easiest, but it will be the one that is the most inclusive. 

The Chariot signals heroic victory and completion. A test of character. The mastery aspect of it is the overcoming of internal (emotional) and external obstacles, in the quest for authenticity.  

Keywords: Initiation, empowerment, successful conclusion, accomplishment, a heroic victory over internal and external obstacles, perseverance, emotional control, focus, The Spiritual Warrior, faith, strength of character, drive, self-mastery, the social activist, self-discipline, willpower, wise use of energy, travel, (material) success, graduation, completion. 

The Chariot represents your soul's triumphant emergence as director of your precious life.


The process of The Chariot is using the power of the mind to direct the longings of the heart. Here, we must gain control over our feelings as opposed to suppressing them. Go ahead and recognize the power of your emotions, while reigning them in and directing them for good cause. At the same time there is a need to let go, and handing over to Divine Source that which you can not control. You direct, and at the same time, allow. You are open to the highest possible outcome. You will experience victory when you both direct your awareness and intent, and at the same time surrender your will to Divine Source. A lesson has been learned concerning emotional imbalance and limitations of thoughts and beliefs. The suffering that results from addictive emotions and behaviors cease.

I cannot tell you any spiritual truth that deep within you don’t know already. All I can do is remind you of what you have forgotten.
— Eckhart Tolle

Another pillar of this process is the quest for inner knowledge and deeper understanding, a higher truth. The emphasis shifts from the more primal, personal evolution toward spiritual principles of initiation and service. There is a great deal of freedom that follows this process of raising our consciousness, if completed. Self-realization and rebirth are the rewards for our triumph over ego. 

One thing I have learned, in my eight years of doing readings, is to balance the role of destiny and personal responsibility. The goal is healing and empowerment. The Chariot is an excellent representative for this balancing act. You are the agent of change under the influence of this card of mastery and completion, while at the same time allowing for the will of Divine Source to direct you. With this card in your reading, I will encourage you to take the reigns in your hands, harness your personal will, and get things done. I will also tell you to be kind to yourself in the process. 

The Chariot is about charging ahead but doing so in a more feminine way, with a sensitivity to the moment, to our needs, or to others. Success calls for rest and recuperation as well as hard work and stamina. 


Stored negative, blocked anger and frustration can cause turmoil in emotional and physical health and prevent true empowerment. Purification of the mind and body is most often a necessity, when the negative aspect of this card is in effect, and defensive behavior and unconscious conditioning spiral out of control. Energy healing could be very beneficial. Follow your intuition on making lifestyle changes that empower and support your spiritual journey. Avoid processed foods, alcohol or drugs, and other impurities. Eat more organic foods. Keep your thoughts and speech positive. Immerse yourself in nature.

Have compassion for yourself while staying disciplined. Soften your focus and watch out for perfectionistic tendencies that cripple. Get the job done in a way that is good for your whole being.  

You have been gifted with many special talents, along with a unique mission. It is time to slow down, open the door, and embrace your destiny. You are on your way home to your soul.