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a lesson in love

The peak of the climb is where we finally meet. Your hand is safe here in mine. We’re dreaming, yet no longer asleep.
— Silent River by Victoria Lagerström/Dave Tate
Where is your heart open and where is it closed?

Where is your heart open and where is it closed?

The Lover's card is associated with the number six and the qualities of divine union, longing, loyalty and commitment. It represents the sacred marriage between masculine and feminine. This coming together of the watery and fiery aspects within all of us, is a must if we wish to be engaged in healthy relationships. We may spend a lot of time healing one or the other depending on how our relationship with our parents progressed from birth to adulthood. 

When you draw Major Arcana card #6, you are being called to experience some form of love. It may be through relationship, service, mysticism, a growing sense of unity with all beings, or it may be the inner lover that is drawing you. 

The task involved in this lesson is to seek the essence of love within and resist the temptation to seek it elsewhere. The person we choose to share our precious life with is but a reflection of our own loving nature. True love requires discipline, commitment and patience. We learn to be compassionate and forgiving as we journey on the path of unconditional love. Self-love is our foundation.

Keywords: Unconditional love, sacred union, longing, merging, self-love, a significant relationship, commitment, higher sexuality, correct choices, sincerity, trust, harmony in relationships.


The Lovers indicate a happy relationship or union with the beloved. When the Lovers card appears you are being offered an opportunity to grow and know yourself through a significant other. You have attracted someone into your life who provides a balance. Someone who enhances and evolves your life. There is sincerity, trust, genuine love and a balance of intimacy and individuality between you and your partner. You have chosen well.

Another aspect of the Lovers is morality and correct choices. If this card comes up in a reading it indicates "yes" more than any other card in the deck regardless of the subject. When reversed, you are being advised to look elsewhere.

Do my relationships reflect self-love, or fearfulness and a lack of self-worth? 

My answer to this question was negative for many years. I had to spend a lot of time healing my feminine nurturing aspect before I could have a supportive and creative relationship in which I was loved properly. 

The Lovers is also about surrendering fearlessly to our longing. It is about actively supporting our dreams. Discover what person, project, dream or situation you are wanting to fall in love with and know that shying away from it will leave you feeling less than whole. Trust your instincts and stay faithful to your own heart and your passions. 

Romantic love is a very popular topic for Tarot readings. Many wish to know who and when. I once asked a psychic about my love life and she said; you must become who you are looking for. It starts with you and your journey. I thought this was very insightful and I like to pass it on in the readings I do for people. Interestingly the cards often avoid the topic of romantic love and this almost always means that the personal journey is more important at that specific point in time. When there is a genuine desire to find true love, whatever lies in between must be healed before the perfect partner can appear. We meet at the peak of the climb like the quote says at the top of this blog. Therefor, cultivate the power of your love and offer it to the world in all your actions. You will find that others can't resist you.  


Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love. Born of the sea of creation, she brings the song of love to women and men. Call on her in your quest to find true love. Her message is one of sensuality, freedom, generosity and unconditional love for yourself and others. Find more time to care for your body, your hair, your clothes, and your environment. Aphrodite encourages you to live the ravishing beauty that you are. 

Other allies when working with love and healing, are Mother Mary (mother of all hearts) and Archangel Raphael (healer in the angelic realm). They both aid you in releasing toxic emotions like anger and un-forgiveness from your heart.  

The heart chakra is the focus for healing your ability to love and be loved. This chakra may be blocked by childhood trauma, lost love, rejection, a broken heart, or fear of intimacy. Healing touch and deep breath work help this the center of our whole system. Rubbing rose oil and wearing rose quartz over the chest area works wonderfully. It serves to work with the chakras below the heart as well as rootedness, a healthy sexuality and empowerment all strengthen our capital as romantic partners.  

Light a candle in your home to remind you of the passion and purity that glows within.

You may be familiar with the saying, a broken heart is an open heart. It is in most of our paths to have our hearts transformed by love so that we can know our core and live from there.