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A lesson in radiance

A Birthday by Emma Florence Harrison

A Birthday by Emma Florence Harrison

When the Sun card #19 shows up for you, it comes with the promise of rebirth and significant rewards for having done your work. You have endured a great trial which you have faced with courage and strength. Though things were really intense, you did not succumb to your fear.

Your success is assured and is to be celebrated. Your life is healing from the inside out and you are likely to feel more free than you have in years. The Sun is about vitality, freedom, joy, and self-expression. You are ready to step into the light and to shine your radiance to the world. 

Things in general are likely to be going very well for you. This is a good time to socialize, to meet new people, and to get out and about. Acknowledge the part of you that is longing for play and a more lighthearted approach to life. The rays of your newly lit inner sun will help you see the truth about your life; which is that there is a great deal of beauty, joy and happiness to be found in this world. Make sure to spread this very important message. 

Keywords: Breakthrough, success, celebration, radiance, aliveness, vitality, YES!, joy, opportunities, good health and wellbeing, optimism, positive outcomes, culminations, liberation, wealth, accomplishments, acceptance, stability, self-expression, healing, growth, blooming of the heart's desires, birth, marriage, empowerment, independence, raising the vibration, heightened state of consciousness, mastery of education, leadership, play, vacation in a sunny place.

Your health and feelings of well-being should be at a high point. Take some time off if you can and just enjoy life.


You have faced and integrated your shadow aspects and stepped out of the dim lit waters of the moon. Your ego is now in service to the higher plan of your soul's purpose. Clarity and wisdom reign. It is note worthy that the words "sun" and "soul" come from the same root.

Daily practice is needed to keep the flame alive. Devote time each day to tending your light. Be watchful about your mind especially since our thought patterns tend to be the clouds that block our sun a lot of the time. Dwell in respect and gratitude for this beautiful dance with your soul. 

It is beneficial to set new goals and dreams. Speak with authority and do not be afraid of your power. Walk in humility and service. Share your joy with the world. Allow yourself to shine and be willing to express yourself without worrying about the response or opinions of others. Just be you and notice how very liberating and deeply fulfilling your confident demeanor feels. 

When the sun card shows up for a client, I smile inside, because I know that the person in front of me is about to do some good in the world and transform themselves in the process. It is important to say yes and go with this energetic high. Your soul has spoken and here is a chance for you to dance with it and create from the depths of your being. You have broken through your shell, like the rays of the sun breaking through a thick cloud layer. It feels so good from where you are sitting, on the peak of the big mountain you just conquered.  


The solar plexus is your power center (your body's sun) and it enables you to live the life you love. This is your inner adult. When the third chakra is really open and flowing, things get done because you have access to vibrant and creative life force energy. Check your posture and make sure your heart and solar plexus are lifted to the sun in the sky. Spend time in nature to recharge your batteries. If you feel like you need to protect yourself against psychic attack, just stand or sit facing away from the person slightly so your solar plexus is out of the line of fire. I have tried this and it really works. Rubbing your solar plexus helps to activate it as well. For deeper work or removal of intrusive energy (often times parental and the father in particular) in you solar plexus, try our energy healing session. Working with forgiveness usually works wonders on the solar plexus because we store anger and un-forgiveness here.  

"One courageous tune, longing to be sung. One voice unlike the rest, dancing with the sun." - V. Lagerstrom

"One courageous tune, longing to be sung. One voice unlike the rest, dancing with the sun." - V. Lagerstrom

Many of us are used to muting ourselves on a daily basis. At this point you have to care more about being who you are than what other people think and soar above the expectations of others as well as your own. 

Restrictive mind patterns may block your inner sun just like clouds blocking the sun in the sky. Meditation can break this up as can vacation and play.  

There is even the possibility of karma blocking your progress. You may want to look at removing these energetic blocks with the assistance of a professional. This is something we can facilitate at Soul Garden Companion. Go to services and find out more about our Energy Healing session. 

Go out and play, create and live your life with conviction. Share your joy with the world and nurture others' dreams as well as your own with your warmth and your radiance. Ask; who are the suns in my life that give nurturing loving energy and spend time with these people.