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GROWing the soul green again

Soul Garden Companion offers energy healing and intuitive/psychic readings in Zion Canyon, Springdale, St. George and the Southern Utah area. We also service the Las Vegas area. Victoria has been facilitating the healing of individuals through her energy work, tarot/pyschic readings and shamanic healing for over ten years. We offer the tools, wisdom and encouragement to help you move forward. Contact us today to launch your journey.

A lesson in wholeness

The last stop on the Major Arcana journey to wholeness is card # 21, The World. This card is the result of a merger of the gifts of card #1, the magician, and the vision of card #2, the High Priestess. An case of our inner artist (feminine aspect) and artist's arm (masculine aspect) working beautifully together to create a life lived on purpose. At last, we arrive at a new level of love and wholeness.

The World is the ultimate completion of a cycle, referring to the end of a major goal or activity which has been in the making for an extended period of time. This achievement is significant and well-earned, full of promise and fulfillment, representing a spiritual threshold of enlightenment finally reached with great patience and a substantial investment of time and energy. It will most likely define your life indefinitely.  A relationship, job, education, or era of your life may be ending. You may have completed a kind of learning that is emotional or healing in nature. Whatever your passage, you now experience a breakthrough into ease. The authentic self achieves success and satisfaction and fulfills its contribution to the world. Soul purpose attained, spirit fully manifest into its earthly destiny, this is the dance of the passionate soul infused with purpose. Finally, we are liberated from the confines of mental patterns that have separated us from our true selves and our wholeness in the past. 

Keywords: Doing what we desire most, accomplishments, positive completion of a cycle/journey, success, fulfillment, mastery, the visionary, new world travel abroad to a place of significance to your soul. The World reversed indicates a completion of a less profound nature. Improvements are still called for in certain areas of your life. 


The energy of The World is charismatic and passionate. You are no longer hiding your light. New levels of spiritual insight and contentment flood in on a regular basis. Your demeanor is loving and kind to all. You feel at home in your physical body and grateful for the gift of life. You are very happy to share this joy with your family and community. You attract many wonderful things to yourself, yet knows how to be discerning. 

The World by Cathy McClelland

The World by Cathy McClelland

To reach this wholeness, you must heal the various splits in your soul psyche, relationships, and larger environment. You learn to accept a wide range of feelings and not be dominated by any of them. This is because you now have a more objective sense of self. You have untied your masks and become more authentic. You have developed a concern for the whole and you have learned to see the sacred in all life. Your healed soul is now engaging in preserving nature rather than dominating it allowing for the song of life to continue.

The soul loss we suffer on the planet today is the reason for our poor treatment of nature, animals, and children. It is essential that we do our work and start living through our heart centered selves. Only then can we come together with all life forms to celebrate a more integrated state of consciousness. We must bring it all into alignment - body, mind, feelings, work, relationships and make all part of one radiant whole.

When you draw The World, it is time for you to create an outer world that is in alignment with your higher vision. 

Odd occurances

Rainbow Warrior by Mara Friedman

Rainbow Warrior by Mara Friedman

Let me tell you something that has astounded me from the moment it began to manifest. I have been doing readings for eight years now and it was about four years ago, that most readings began to look and feel similar. I acquired my favorite deck, "Rainbow Warrior Awaken!", which has a card named after it. This card started showing up for a lot of clients. It is beyond "The World" card and it stands for initiation, transformation and spiritual embodiment.  It occurred to me that spirit was trying to steer me in a new direction with my work and I could sense that it was important and urgent at the same time. We are all being urged to heal and start serving others with what we know from our own journey of growth and transformation. The "Rainbow Way" is the way of beauty -  of gratitude, integrity, compassion and service to our Divine Source.

The services at Soul Garden Companion aim to assist you in discovering and staying on your true path. 


The awakened soul accepts and lives life to the fullest. He or she is not afraid to love completely and honestly.

Now is the time to love and honor yourself by taking time for you. Make sure you balance your giving with plenty of nourishment for you. Sleep, vacation and play when you need to. Do not overwork or bury yourself in stressful work. Take a bath and soak in oils of rose and pine. Study and call on the Mediterranean goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, to infuse your spirit with self love and grace. Wholeness is achieved when we can hold infinite space and patience for ourselves first and then extend it to others.

Aphrodite by Susan Seddon Boulet

Aphrodite by Susan Seddon Boulet

Your next step is to return into the world as a beacon of light from the perspective of mastery, empowered with confidence and willing to share your unique gifts in service. So you see that the journey is completed and begun anew at the same time. Pause, celebrate, and enjoy the sense of accomplishment! From now on your soul is fully able to meet the challenges of everyday life without falling back into separation from source. You may want to contemplate how to align the next phase of your life with your highest good and the highest good of the world. A new journey of great importance is waiting.