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A lesson in self reliance

Art by Sophia Shiloh

Art by Sophia Shiloh

You are taught many ideas in your lifetime. When you draw Major Arcana card #5, the Hierophant, it is time to sort through the teachings you have inherited, question your assumptions and beliefs, and find your own truth. When you do, you will have much to share with others.

At this time find the truth in the situation that concerns you. What you know in your heart to be true is important. Tune in, question and listen. You are being asked to heed the truths of your heart, even if they appear to be quieter than voices of fear from within you or coming from those around you.

What would your heart say if it was completely free from fear? An important message is coming to you now, or will very soon.

Keywords: Learning, wisdom, knowing, teaching, coaching, truth, unconventional, inventive, inner authority, established religions, truth, intuition, morality, tradition, orthodoxy, marriage, commitments, blossoming spirit, wise woman, loyalty, a thirst for spiritual knowing, consult with a trusted guide, teacher, healer or counselor, spiritual leaders.


I listen to the still voice and become one with its source.

Rumi said, there are many lamps, but one light; many teachings, but one truth. However, no one lamp or map seems complete. Various traditions and teachings contain the wisdom that is currently available. No one person can claim to be the sole authority in spiritual matters.

An integrated spiritual teacher, is one who knows how to live in the world, as well as how to navigate the deeper dimensions. You can be a counselor, healer, or artist and still be a spiritual teacher. The teacher is simply a bridge to the divine. Anyone who serves as a bridge, or guide on the path can fulfill the role of teacher. 

Being drawn to the Hierophant, may indicate that you are receptive to a new teacher or struggling with a current teacher. It may also indicate an opportunity to become more of a spiritual leader within your community. Perhaps it is a time when a teacher or teaching is needed, a time to take spiritual learning more seriously. 

The Hierophant reminds me of something that my dad taught me early on. He said, see and hear all but be true to you. Many are the voices that seek to run your life. There is only one that is always reliable and that is the voice of your intuition, your subtle knowing. Following your truth takes courage and a determination to stay in alignment with your highest good. Sometimes your truth differs from others and this is when you must be strong and assert yourself lovingly. The other person may not welcome your quest for empowerment and this is ok.

I have often seen this card in readings where a client is stuck in a marriage, a job situation or religious tradition that is stifling them and keeping them stuck. Their journey to wholeness is to express and act on their truth in the specific circumstances. 

Earth, ourselves, breathe and awaken, leaves are stirring, all things moving, new day coming, life renewing.
— Pawnee Prayer

Have you strayed from your true path? Are you suffering from anxiety and fear because of it? Rather than accepting the status quo, or blaming others, be honest with yourself and see where you are out of alignment. It may be time to take full responsibility for your life and make important changes.

The Hierophant finds you at the cross roads when you need to make a new decision for your life. Worry less about making a right or wrong choice and stay focused on the process. If you slow down long enough and pray for guidance, the answer will appear before you at the perfect time.


Healing your relationship with the teacher within is your journey to wholeness, when you are drawn to the Hierophant. Meditation, journaling, working with intuition, and any practices that increases sensitivity and awareness can help improve this connection. The guidance of your soul will alert you to times when an external teacher is off the mark and you need to chart your own course.

Honor your body and soul by spending some quiet time alone. This might mean going on a silent retreat, spending the day in the mountains, taking a hike or visiting a day spa. Give yourself permission to be silent within and without. 

Know that all is provided to you. Work with your Divine and use your own spiritual gifts to manifest all that you need in life. The power of your heart has been activated, aligned and utilized as the primary source of inspiration for the journey ahead. Trust in the wisdom of your soul and follow the heart path.