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Celebrating the First Day of Spring

In times past, Dragon processions marked this powerful turn of the wheel, and eggs were the symbol of rebirth.

In times past, Dragon processions marked this powerful turn of the wheel, and eggs were the symbol of rebirth.

The Spring Equinox is just a few days away on March 20. Night and day will be nearly exactly the same length—12 hours—all over the world on this day. This is the reason it’s called an “equinox,” derived from Latin, meaning “equal night.” 

Long before our modern way of life, numerous cultures followed a more simplistic path. Guided by the natural cycle of birth-life-death-and-renewal, our ancestors marked their seasons by celebrating each phase of the wheel of life. 

Spring is all about new beginnings. The triumph of light makes us want to plant new seeds physically and metaphorically. It is a time to plan new adventures and taking leaps of faith towards realizing our dreams. We yearn for the unknown, the new, and the uncharted in our life.

There may be new relationships, life changes, pregnancy, exploration of the spiritual, and new love for self and other.

There is much beauty in the potential of what might be when we allow ourselves to have hope for the future. Below are a few ideas as to how you can help celebrate and welcome spring.

What to do around the equinox

Have a picnic with your friends and family. Spend ample time outdoors.

Spend time in high places enjoying the wind and feeling expansive. This gives you a better perspective and helps you lift your spirit to where it needs to be to seize the new opportunities coming your way. 

Plan a romantic dinner with your partner or a new love. Dress your table with branches, daffodils, crocuses and primroses, colored eggs, white and yellow candles, and spring foods which might include asparagus, spinach, green onions, depending on your area.

Gift a friend with a crystal. Appropriate for this time of year are yellow citrine and clear crystal. These can be used as a spring time talisman.

Gather your circle of friends and a have a fire, to share stories, dreams and hopes, laughter and music.

A Simple Ritual: (Can be done alone or with others)

Take a cleansing sea salt bath to prepare yourself and move into your sacred heart space. Imagine floating in the ocean, the womb of all creation. Be open and receptive to the love of the Mother.

In your ceremonial space, light some incense of your choosing or diffuse spring essential oils like Lavender, Rose, Geranium, Jasmine, Helichrysum, Ylang Ylang, if indoors. Light a white candle for new beginnings.

Stand facing the east, the place of the rising sun, new beginnings, mental healing, and the element of fire. Call on the winds and powers of the east by saying the following invocation:

“To the winds and powers of the east, grandfather come to us from the place of the rising sun. Be with us this day that we may be reborn with the eyes of a child. Show us the peaks of the mountains we only dare to dream of and bless us to know what we have yet to awaken to."

Imagine yourself in a beautiful field of green wheat, the wind making waves through the standing stalks. Smell the air and notice the freshness of spring. 

Turn clockwise to the south, the place of right action, physical healing, groundedness, and the element of earth. Call in the powers of the south with these words:

"To the winds of the south, great serpent. Teach us how to shed our past the way you shed your skin. Remind us of our unique place in the great web of life and bless us to know what we have yet to create."

You may call on a power animal to come to share in your experience. This animal has come to assist you in dreaming and manifesting your new beginning. Imagine the animal sitting beside you. Feel their companionship. You could ask for a message regarding your course of action.

Sit in a spot between the south and east, taking up your pen and journal, and begin to access your longing. Ask yourself: What do I long for? What would I like to experience next? Wait about thirty second before you reply to get a heartfelt response. Write whatever comes to you without questioning or judging. Just write. Remember the things you truly crave, the creativity lost or the love needed.

Allow yourself to feel what is going on. You can also lie down and meditate, if you do not feel like writing.

When you feel complete, say a few words of gratitude to the elements and helping spirits. Thank your animal companion and allow him or her to slip away. Take three deep breaths of gratitude.

Leave an offering to the earth, such as herbs, flowers, crystals or sweets. Blow out your candle. 

If in a group, share your experiences. Have a light meal to ground yourself.


Blessings to you on your journey into the green, fertile ground of your longings. As it has been written, so will it be.