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The Miracle of Starting Over

Art by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Art by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Following my heart has forced me to live out on a limb quite a few times. My only option then was to trust in my ability to stay focused and soar if needed. 

Sudden change and disruption takes us all by surprise at some point. We may not have much time to think or prepare in those situations. Perhaps subconsciously we've wanted a solution to an issue but didn't quite expect our prayers to be answered in this way. 

Here are five steps that I have found to be very helpful when in the process of reinventing my life. 


Pause and Reflect

Stopping before starting is essential. This is the easy part, because you don't have to do anything besides sitting with the idea of possibly making some changes for the better. It's supposed to be a joyful and creative process. You are simply grounding and growing your confidence in yourself as an explorer of truth. Slow down and breathe, spend lots of time in nature and choose solitude when this is possible. LISTEN close with your soul. What is your heart telling you about the possibility of starting over?

A new journey is calling you.

A new journey is calling you.

You are just beginning to acknowledge that perhaps there is a path that has more of you and that you don't have to settle for less than what you truly desire. Gently ask yourself the following question; Is the life I am currently living the fertile ground I need it to be for my most cherished dreams to flourish? 

Take your time and allow your intuitive voice to reach you little by little as you go about your daily routine. At some point your heart will reveal the new journey that is calling you. This is when you will have to make an important decision, to either stay where you are and suppress the life force, or continue on in the direction your life is wanting to flow. 

Once you are clear, the powers of the Universe will start working behind the scenes on your behalf. This is a good time to install an altar, if you don't already have one. Place a special object that represents your new commitment to yourself. You are stepping outside of the conventional and onto the heart path. A new set of rules abide. You are working with your Divine to create a more authentic life and you will need spiritual help where human logic can only go so far. You will have to reinforce the process of listening to and following your heart every day until you have gained momentum in your manifestation of the new conditions. 

You could wear a crystal that strengthens and aids clarity of mind. Selenite or clear Quartz are good choices. Visit a rock shop or metaphysical store and see what calls to you. Spoil yourself a bit and give your spiritual warrior what he or she needs to take on this great quest.



You are at the end of an era. Whether or not you are aware, certain soul lessons have been completed - or not. This step is a kind of evaluation to help you set your Karmic record straight and bring about balance before moving on.

A Life Path Reading can be helpful, because it will give you an honest assessment of your current relationships, work, and health conditions.

Ask; What lessons have I learned? Where am I not whole? What is left for me to finish before I go on the new journey? This is your loss that you may have to grieve. You are clearing inner and outer clutter, which leads us to the next step.  


Leave the Story

When you board the ship and sail into your glorious future, you will want to do so with a beginner's mind. Identifying and dissolving harmful patterns is a warrior's work. If you choose to take on your mental dragons, you will be greatly rewarded.

New purpose is calling you forward. You can trust the flow of your life and let go. 

New purpose is calling you forward. You can trust the flow of your life and let go. 

What story are you leaving behind? Write it down. Pay attention to details and leave no stone unturned. What negative thoughts, feelings or self images are you holding on to? 

Watch your daily inner and outer dialogue for a few days, if the story is alluding you. Thinking the same old thoughts and having the same old feelings, keeps us falling into the same mental grooves over and over. The stakes are higher each time and the ascent more difficult. When we have awareness of our patterns, we are able to negotiate our way around these grooves. Dis-identifying from your story holds tremendous power because it lands you in the present where you need to be.

Do a ceremony and burn your story on the night of the full moon. 

It is wise to also have some energy work done. This will help clear your field from the heavy debris of the past. Soul Garden Companion offers Energy Healing as one of our services.

Create Magic

Now that you have integrated your Karmic lessons and released your story, you are ready to write the new chapter and plant the seeds of your becoming. 

You have come into this world with a unique set of skills and a special mission to assist others on their soul's journey. This step is about owning your skills, creating a platform from which you can use them, and serving your community to the best of your ability. If you have already done this and gotten stuck somewhere along the way, this step may mean finding the door that invites new opportunities to continue your great work. 

Your seed idea will grow into a magnificent tree.

Your seed idea will grow into a magnificent tree.

You are planting a seed and setting a strong intention for what you would like to experience on your new journey. What will those new shores look like?

Our Guided Journey is an excellent resource that connects you with your unique gifts and soul path. This session includes an exciting home assignment where you will be instructed to paint or draw your ideal life. 

Write down your new story around the time of the new moon and leave it on your altar for spiritual assistance.   

You could work with a vision board. The point here is to DREAM BIG. You are creating outside of the box. Do this work with confidence or not at all. Expect magic and miracles. When you connect with the light, you tap into the field of infinite potential.

Feed your helping spirits. Show your gratitude. Protect your vision from negative influences as you are a budding flower in need of sun, warmth and good nutrients.  

A dear friend and fellow shamanic practitioner reminded me of the fearlessness and focus required as we attempt to manifest the highest vision for our lives. Having a plan B or C will water down the results and sap our creative energy. We may need to take other jobs while creating our ideal conditions. This work can still be fulfilling. Hold yourself in high esteem and let your heart guide you to the resources you need while transitioning. Don't be shy about sharing your gifts and letting the world know who you are and what you stand for. Take risks and step forward. 

Whether your new seed is the grand vision for your ideal life, finding true love, healing from an illness or carving out more time for self and love ones, you will need to set a strong intention and take action with love and faith.


Share Your Resources

The last step in the process of starting over is perhaps the most important. You are ready to set sail. How will you navigate the unfamiliar waters before you? It is going to take your wholehearted commitment to stay on course. 

Remember that you are co-creating your healing journey with other dreamers. Bring trusted friends and love ones along for the ride and prepare to meet the earth angels that are assigned to help you.

Share your resources and don't hesitate to ask for support. This is where you will have to work on any feelings of separation and open to the idea of belonging. You have probably heard this before and it is worth repeating. This is a friendly universe! 

Cultivate friendships, collaborate, network, and be willing to assist other dreamers along the way. Practice gratitude as your new religion.

Care for your soul. Read poetry and spiritual literature, pray and journal about your challenges and victories. Our resources section will give you some ideas as to what might inspire you at this stage. Nourish your body with healthy foods, exercise, fresh air and regular relaxation.

Performing Sacred Ceremony is a powerful way to call in spiritual support. We would love to help hold space for you while you release your prayers to the heavens.  

Be flexible and stay open to surprises. You may have to course correct a bit. This doesn't mean you are giving up on your original idea. It just means you are acknowledging that you are not in control. Your Divine is trying to show you a safer more comprehensive route to the new shores.  

Balance your giving and receiving and allow the universe to come to you. One of the first spiritual books I ever read was The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. A famous quote from it says... "When you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." This has been very true for me.