The purpose of all ceremony is to call in spiritual assistance. We would love to help you create a space where you can communicate clearly with your helping spirits and where they can come through to do the necessary work.

Ceremonies are used to honor, celebrate, heal, and transform. Decide on your intention for wanting to perform the ceremony and we will assist you in developing the form. Together we will consider the space you need to create to reach your desired outcome and have an unforgettable experience.

“Ritual provides the bridge between inner and outer worlds, and creates a context for reconnecting to the seat of our souls. The end result of all ritual is increased balance, strength, energy, and comfort,” - Angeles Arrien

Ceremony can be helpful for:  

  • Transformation and healing

  • Releasing blocks

  • Calling in a true heart's desire

  • Rites of passage

  • Celebrating and honoring life changes

1 hour $60

Victoria created a beautifully meaningful healing ceremony for me. She was sensitive to my needs to release the old then invite in new life experiences, and she clearly spent a lot of time designing a ritual that was powerful and specific to my personal situation. Victoria is a highly intuitive healer. You can trust her to lead you into a heart-felt connection with the earth and to attune to nature’s messages. I am still feeling the positive effects of our work together several weeks later. Victoria is a beautiful soul with a cache of tools and wisdom that can truly make a difference on your life path.
— CY