• Soul Garden Companion does not promise any help or cure and our sessions are not intended to be a replacement for licensed medical care or prescribed therapies.

  • Please follow the advice of your doctors for all medical treatments and prescribed remedies for any and all mental health, physical health and emotional health problems.

  • The testimonials and information presented to you from any individual or Victoria should not be taken as a remedy over any medical treatment prescribed by trained medical professionals.

  • Nothing Victoria or Soul Garden Companion states or writes is intended to suggest that you not seek standard medical advice or treatment.

  • What we do offer is an opportunity to explore and develop your spirituality, your unique gifts and soul path, in the hopes that you will flow into a way of being that is filled with love, harmony, joy and peace. An alternative way to explore and experience life in a more balanced and spiritually awakened state of being.

  • If you are pregnant, please consult with your doctor prior to attending an energy healing session with Victoria. We do not recommend energy healing work after 12 weeks of pregnancy.