Soul Garden Companion

GROWing the soul green again

Soul Garden Companion offers energy healing and intuitive/psychic readings in Zion Canyon, Springdale, St. George and the Southern Utah area. We also service the Las Vegas area. Victoria has been facilitating the healing of individuals through her energy work, tarot/pyschic readings and shamanic healing for over ten years. We offer the tools, wisdom and encouragement to help you move forward. Contact us today to launch your journey.

Guided Journey              


Every journey offers many opportunities for new insight that may change the course of one's life forever. 

Only when you know yourself on the soul level (your natural interests, energies, drives and sensitivities) can you know your destination and route.

This powerful session will take you on a transformative journey to your Soul Garden. You will connect with your intuitive self and ask important questions about your soul mission and special talents.

Please bring a recording device (your Iphone has a voice memos app), a pen and something to write on. 

1 hour $60