Healing the Soul


Knowing yourself at the level of soul is essential to living your fullest expression in the world. The word soul refers to our deep source of aliveness, an essence unique to each person.


Healing the soul means slowing down, asking important questions about the true nature of our being, and cultivating deep listening. It means becoming fluent in the languages of silence, intuition and emotion. It means reconnecting with our joy, our creativity and passion, our rootedness and our belonging. The doctors are Spirit and Mother Earth.

There comes a time when we are suddenly aware of our unique existence and must find a way home to our soul. We begin to care how our lives turn out and try to find ways to engage in more meaningful activities, that benefit us as well as our communities. This following our longing, our deepest truth and wisdom, leads us away from the mindless busyness and the treadmill existence that is a reality for so many. It is vital to the continuation of life as we know it on the planet.

Being connected to our soul teaches us to love and respect the spirit in each other and all living things. It brings back an awareness of and respect for the deep feminine values in a world dominated by the masculine. It helps us remember our oneness with all. We grow in our ability to conceive and create, to give birth and nourish, to be receptive and intuitive, to illuminate, transform, and to be magnetic.


We may loose sight of our gifts because of life's circumstances, fear, negativity, or criticism from others. Yet, the gifts you come into this world with never leave you. The services that Soul Garden Companion offers will empower you to birth your deep self. Don't delay the incredible joy that awaits you. 

Our souls are not broken that they should need repair, nor deficient that they should need anything added. Our souls need only to be uncovered and allowed to shine.
— Johrey Elisabeth Magdolyn