Life Path Reading       

Victoria was able to, not only astutely read and report many of my past and present psychological and physical challenges, she was also able to give me a direction, a practice to address these issues in my life. I experienced her as a sensitive woman who has the ability to communicate in a clear and compassionate way.
— AR

A Life Path Reading will give you a clear direction, new energy and spiritual support to make the changes your heart is longing for.

You will be working with your hidden blocks and new growth opportunities and assess the strength you need to move forward with confidence and ease.

Victoria Lagerström has studied and read the Tarot for more than fifteen years. She specializes in connecting her clients to their life's true path. Victoria will assist you in discovering and honoring the voice of your soul and welcoming its full expression into the world. You can expect honest, down-to-earth guidance and loving encouragement.

How can a Life Path Reading Help?

Some of the things you can learn from a Life Path Reading include:

  • Perspective – A reading can offer you a perspective that is quite different from your own, and help you view things differently.

  • Options – You will be given an opportunity to evaluate the different options in front of you, so that you can make a conscious choice instead of being tossed around by life's circumstances.

  • Creative Approaches – With a card reading you can explore, in a fun interactive way, many different creative paths and approaches towards resolving your problems and questions.

  • Deeper Information and Insight – The cards provide you with a deeper look into your life, helping you evaluate your situation more practically and insightfully.

1hour $60