Sacred Soul Circle Workshop/New Hope Rising
May 17-19, 2019

There comes a time when the only way forward is through powerful intention and bold action. It is just the right time to plant the seeds of new hopes and dreams.


Workshop Information


Location: Bumbleberry Inn, 97 Bumbleberry Ln, Springdale, UT 84767

Dates: Friday May 17, 6pm-9pm
Saturday May 18, 9am-9pm
Sunday May 19, 9am-6pm


Beautiful Zion National Park in Southern Utah provides the backdrop for the Sacred Soul Circle Workshop/New Hope is Rising.

This ancient desert, carved and shaped by the Virgin River, is the perfect place to be inspired and commune with your soul.

Do you have a sense that within there is something more of you yet to be?

We come together in a Sacred Soul Circle to bring our minds, bodies and spirits into alignment. We gather from all walks of life to warm ourselves and each other, to form circles of love, trust, support, and non judgment that allow us to share our "soul story". We inspire one another to release what is no longer useful while celebrating our seed dreams. We practice yoga and meditation, do altar work, create sacred art, drum, and sing. We call in spiritual support and engage in ceremony together. We begin our journey back to authenticity, rootedness and belonging.

This three day workshop supports your calling in of new beginnings and helps you work through anything that blocks you from honoring your unique gifts and soul-path.

You will be:

  • Identifying and working with a true heart’s desire

  • Working with beliefs around your desire

  • Cleaning up your internal and external vocabulary to support your desire

  • Setting up and working with a portable altar

  • Accessing the wisdom and tools of the healed divine masculine (applies to men and women)

  • Learning how to work with your intuition and spirit helpers

  • Coming up with an action plan to birth your desire into form

  • Learning how to flow with nature through the perspective of Ayurveda and seasonal eating

  • Opening the gateway to manifestation through ceremony

  • Activating your fire and exploring the foundation of your true nature with powerful yoga practices

  • Creating a life vision mandala through a special art assignment

When we heal our inner masculine powers we become fearless, courageous, and loyal to our divine destiny. What is the courageous tune in your heart that wishes to be sung?

For more details, please contact Victoria.

It may not be how your neighbor thrives. Outrageous are but a few. So when the opportunity arrives, know that this is just for you. Take one last look at what you had, then let go of what you knew.
— Victoria Lagerstrom, "One"



Victoria Lagerstrom (Workshop Facilitator)

"In the Circle, we are all equal. There is no one in front of you and there's nobody behind you. No one is above you; no one is below you. The Circle is sacred because it is designed to create unity"


- Lakota Wisdom

This beautiful quote sums up why I love the concept of a circle so much. Profound growth and healing is possible when we go beyond our titles and worldly achievements, to experience the more soulful aspects of ourselves and others.

My shamanic training involved participating in many circles. I shared my hopes and fears with dreamers from all walks of life and it often brought me to tears. I was among likeminded souls, finally, on a life changing journey of self-discovery. We didn't have to be similar in any other way to have a strong connection. There was a lot of love and respect, because we all knew what goes into seeking out such an experience.

The Sacred Soul Circle Workshop is something I started envisioning when I was pregnant with my son five years ago. It was a dream come true to finally see it launch in 2018. An unforgettable experience. I knew I had to turn it into an annual event, which brings me to this year’s first Sacred Soul Circle Workshop/New Hope is Rising.

Last year brought unexpected lessons in self-respect and stamina. I was given the opportunity to revisit and work through childhood losses and early feelings of low self-worth. My healing journey gave me the idea for a workshop that focuses on strengthening the artist’s arm and our ability to willfully create the life we dream. It is my hope that some of these tools and techniques will make you bold, present, and engaged with the world through your spiritual practices.  Please share with anyone you think might benefit.

Click here to learn more about my journey.


Jessika Jacob (Sacred Soul Art, Day 3)

When I was in middle school, I dropped out of the only art class I had ever taken when my teacher walked over to me, took the paintbrush out of my hand and said, "You're doing it wrong!" I stood up (being only 14 or 15 years old), probably said a few choice words, then walked out of her class and never went back. She almost killed my inner artist. How can anyone do art wrong?


I grew up watching my dad create incredible pieces of art. It seemed out of reach that I would ever paint like he did. I still don't. I never will. And now that I have young kids who sit and watch me paint, I have found myself reliving some of the moments I had with my dad. The words, "Don't bump my table," come out of my mouth more times in a day than I can count, along with explanations of why my kids can't paint like me yet.

I receive so many compliments of people saying, "I wish I had your talent!" My talent? I wouldn't say I am any more talented than anyone else. Far from it. We all have our own special gifts, and the world needs each of us to give of our passions freely. We can all make the world a better, more beautiful place when we follow our hearts and then SHARE them.



Toni Benevento (Gentle Morning Yoga, Day 2&3)

Yoga and wellness describe the total integration of body, mind, and spirit. If we strive to live this way – integrated & whole – the connectivity of all things is eventually brought to light. If yoga has an end-game that might be it: to reveal our Oneness; to experience true belonging within ourselves; to unify the heavens, humanity, and earth. Like many worthy endeavors, integration is a process. I teach to awaken a desire to engage with this process.


My yoga training is most aligned with the Vinyasa tradition of linking breath to movement through logical sequencing. However, exposure to many different teachers and traditions have allowed room for creativity in the practice that I share. My goal while teaching is to craft sequences that help students develop an intimate awareness of the breath throughout the entire body. Feeling the breath move through the body can cultivate a deep internal understanding. I strive to hold space for each student to explore this phenomenon through their Asana practice in the hopes that they will begin to discover the boundlessness of their being, the foundation of their true nature, and the inherent connection to each other and the planet.


Renee Thomas (Ayurvedic Nutrition, Day 2)


Once you learn about Ayurveda, you will always be lead back to it in some way or other in your journey and that is what happened to me. After years of different dieting and lifestyles that were said to be “healthy”, I still found myself depleted and empty.

Through all of these changes, one consistent lesson I learned is that our perception and habits are what create our reality and those can fluctuate in a moment if you don’t feel stable in your own body.

Ayurveda has helped me feel more stable so I can give more space to balance my mind and spirit. Ayurveda is the medicinal science of habit and I believe through supportive lifestyle habits, you can find peace on your path.


Registration Information



The workshop registration fee is $325.00 with an early fee of $295.00 if received up to one month before the workshop (by May 17). Cheques and e-transfers are welcomeContact Victoria for details. You can also pay with your credit card using the PayPal option below.

Refund Policy: On or before April 18, 2019 registration feel will be refunded minus a $25 handling fee.

No refunds after April 18, 2019.

Age Requirement: It is a Soul Garden Companion policy that workshop participants be 18 years of age or older.

The registration fee does not include lodging, transportation, and meals.

Registration Form: To register for the Sacred Soul Circle New Hope Rising workshop, please fill out the form below. Once your registration and workshop tuition have been received and processed, you will be sent further information about the workshop. If for any reason your registration cannot be accepted, the workshop tuition will be refunded to you.

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Please contact Victoria if you have any questions regarding the Sacred Soul Circle/New Hope Rising workshop.