Phone Session


If you cannot come to our Soul Garden Companion facility in beautiful Springdale, UT, we are still able to conduct our services in the distance healing format (phone and video).

We have many years experience of long distance sessions. A phone session works much like an in person session where Victoria tunes into your energies and receives guidance about your life and well-being. 

The price depends on the kind of session you like. For more information on our prices, please visit the home page.

New clients will be asked to pay in advance. 

Just a one hour phone reading with Victoria re-aligns me with my soul and carries so much wisdom, guidance, and clarity. I feel uplifted and rejuvenated following the reading because I have received a healing and reconnected with my wholeness. Victoria carries layers upon layers of wisdom and it is so much fun to delve into the mystery with her! She is well versed in this place, which makes me feel like I can let go and allow myself to be guided through these realms.
— MP