Welcome to Soul Garden Companion


Soul Garden Companion is a holistic healing service located in beautiful Zion Canyon, Utah. Holistic means that we address all of you (physical health, emotions, psychology and spirit). These elements of your life are all intertwined, each affecting the other. 

Victoria  Lagerström created Soul Garden Companion to support a return to an awareness of beauty and purpose through cross-cultural healing traditions and teachings.

The services we offer will help you reconnect with your inherent strengths, clear that which is keeping you in the past, and create movement towards a more fulfilling life of clarity, peace, and vitality.

Soul Garden Companion gives guidance and support to people who are seeking a connection with their true self, improvements or changes in their life and who are willing to play an active role in the process. 

The moment you realize the extraordinary being you are, is when you start loving your life.