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We are launching our very first Tarot class this spring! Using the Tarot is not about predicting the future, but about understanding your path and heeding the guidance laid out before you. Tarot is the language of symbol, myth, pattern and magic.

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This class calls upon you to make your own magic, to define your own truths.

Victoria Lagerström has studied and read the Tarot for more than fifteen years. She specializes in connecting her clients to their life's true path. Victoria will assist you in discovering and honoring the voice of your soul and welcoming its full expression into the world. You can expect honest, down-to-earth guidance and loving encouragement.

Just the experience of talking to Victoria one-on-one is sweet and uplifting. Her ability to see the big picture of what’s happening in my life and what’s ahead for me, including many things that couldn’t possibly be shown in the Tarot cards, make her insights beyond priceless to me. She is so sensitive and kind that even when the cards show a roadblock ahead, she has a way of making it seem positive and explaining how the experience will be an asset. I always leave Victoria’s presence feeling more beautiful, more capable, and more loved.
— CN

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* You will receive a personal reading with Victoria as a Bonus after finishing your class.


Victoria Lagerstrom


This beautiful quote sums up why I love the concept of a circle so much. Profound growth and healing is possible when we go beyond our titles and worldly achievements, to experience the more soulful aspects of ourselves and others.

My shamanic training involved participating in many circles. I shared my hopes and fears with dreamers from all walks of life and it often brought me to tears. I was among likeminded souls, finally, on a life changing journey of self-discovery. We didn't have to be similar in any other way to have a strong connection. There was a lot of love and respect, because we all knew what goes into seeking out such an experience.

The Sacred Soul Circle Workshop is something I started envisioning when I was pregnant with my son five years ago. It was a dream come true to finally see it launch in 2018. An unforgettable experience. I knew I had to turn it into an annual event, which brings me to this year’s first Sacred Soul Circle Workshop/New Hope is Rising.

Last year brought unexpected lessons in self-respect and stamina. I was given the opportunity to revisit and work through childhood losses and early feelings of low self-worth. My healing journey gave me the idea for a workshop that focuses on strengthening the artist’s arm and our ability to willfully create the life we dream. It is my hope that some of these tools and techniques will make you bold, present, and engaged with the world through your spiritual practices.  Please share with anyone you think might benefit.

I have asked Victoria to do readings for me regularly over the last several years, and I have never been disappointed! She is intuitive and insightful, highly skilled at interpretation, and is such a gentle, compassionate woman. I have witnessed how she has developed in her readings over time; she always offers new spiritual wisdom and guidance every time we sit together, drawing from her latest learnings and sincere interest in her craft. I respect her for keeping her knowledge fresh and alive. Victoria truly embodies the divine feminine, and has been a model for my own spiritual evolution. She is full of light and love!
— CY

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The workshop registration fee is $325.00 with an early fee of $295.00 if received up to one month before the workshop. Cheques and e-transfers are welcomeContact Victoria for details. You can also pay with your credit card using the PayPal option below.

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Refund Policy: On or before April 18, 2019 registration feel will be refunded minus a $25 handling fee.

No refunds after April 18, 2019.

Age Requirement: It is a Soul Garden Companion policy that workshop participants be 18 years of age or older.

Registration Form: To register for the New Hope Rising workshop, please fill out the form below. Once your registration and workshop tuition have been received and processed, you will be sent further information about the workshop. If for any reason your registration cannot be accepted, the workshop tuition will be refunded to you.

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Please contact Victoria if you have any questions regarding the Sacred Soul Circle Workshop/New Hope Rising workshop.