Soul Garden Companion

GROWing the soul green again

Soul Garden Companion offers energy healing and intuitive/psychic readings in Zion Canyon, Springdale, St. George and the Southern Utah area. We also service the Las Vegas area. Victoria has been facilitating the healing of individuals through her energy work, tarot/pyschic readings and shamanic healing for over ten years. We offer the tools, wisdom and encouragement to help you move forward. Contact us today to launch your journey.


I feel so fortunate to have met Victoria and I’m so glad I asked her for a reading. It was an experience I will always cherish. She is such a gentle, kind and openhearted person, one cannot help but feel totally at ease in her presence. Everything she said struck a chord with me and I really felt as though I had found the answers I had been looking for. It isn’t easy to connect with a complete stranger on such a deep level in just one meeting but Victoria made that happen. If you’re reading this testimonial and trying to decide whether or not to seek her guidance, I’d say don’t think twice. This is an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up. Victoria is a gem of a person and very blessed with her skills.
— GB
Victoria’s insight, intuition and guidance are incredible gifts that she brings to each reading and energy healing. I have left each session in awe of her ability to identify and reflect on her client’s current circumstances, while pulling from a great depth of wisdom to offer advice and foresight. I am so honored to not only call her a friend, but also a guide through the twists and turns of life. Victoria’s gift of energy healing is powerful to say the least, and a truly special experience. She has a warm and inviting spirit that has been a comfort to me personally. I am so grateful for what her abilities have brought to my life and the knowledge she has given me regarding self-care, empowerment and creativity. Thank you Victoria! :)
— CC
Victoria truly has the gift, is one of the most peaceful and happy people I’ve met, and she has a calmness and love about her that immediately makes you feel welcomed. Her space is beautiful and she is very professional. I had a tarot card reading and an energy session and both were amazing! Victoria is very insightful and her reading continues to help me especially when I have hard days. Her energy work is awesome and she taught me a few things that I can do on my own when I need help. Victoria is one of the best, most intuitive,and kind readers and healers that I have been to and will continue to see. I would and do definitely recommend her to anyone!
— SS
After my session with Victoria, I heard this quote that instantly made me think of my experience “The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.” by Alexandra K. Trenfor. Victoria used her skills to show me how important learning and listening to my own body can be for healing, in a time when I was so confused which direction to go. Her card reading session helped shine a light onto some past pains which we began to clear out through a very powerful session of energy work. Seeing Victoria is another reason the red mountains are so magical and healing and I will definitely be reaching out to her when I need some insight again.
— RT
Timely, insightful and right on target. My sessions with Victoria always hit the mark. Again and again the resulting experiences of greater insight, expanded clarity and understanding continue to amaze and please me. I am truly grateful for this wonderful access to such useful and relevant information. Information that sheds so much light on my current state of being along with the pertinent thoughts and considerations addressing my continuing journey along this path I have chosen in life. Thank you Victoria. Love and blessings to you.
— TW
Victoria was able to, not only astutely read and report many of my past and present psychological and physical challenges, she was also able to give me a direction, a practice to address these issues in my life. I experienced her as a sensitive woman who has the ability to communicate in a clear and compassionate way.
— AR
It was my good fortune to receive a reading from Victoria. She helped me make sense of my life and gave me a perspective that healed my spirit and elevated my self confidence. Her intuitive powers were impressive. Her reading left me without any doubt of her authenticity and healing powers.
— WS
Victoria did a wonderful reading for us as a couple. She made sure that we were comfortable and that her interpretations were pertinent. Even over the phone Victoria’s natural grace and kindness made our session truly special. We are so glad we did this with her.
Everything she said resonated deeply with me as accurate and true. That kind of connection, which may be easier in direct physical presence but which Victoria beautifully made over the phone, shows that she is one who can listen deeply. I felt truly seen, heard, and understood. Victoria shared her intuitive abilities with kindness and respect. It was a pleasure to work with her, and I hope to again, as my own journey proceeds.
— LB
Just the experience of talking to Victoria one-on-one is sweet and uplifting. Her ability to see the big picture of what’s happening in my life and what’s ahead for me, including many things that couldn’t possibly be shown in the Tarot cards, make her insights beyond priceless to me. She is so sensitive and kind that even when the cards show a roadblock ahead, she has a way of making it seem positive and explaining how the experience will be an asset. I always leave Victoria’s presence feeling more beautiful, more capable, and more loved.
— CN
Victoria has really assisted me in some difficult times, as well as given me a ray of sunshine. I will definitely be back to see her again soon.
— FC