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Soul Garden Companion offers the tools and wisdom that facilitate self healing and personal growth.

Are you longing for more soulfulness and greater authenticity? Do you struggle with the mindless busyness culture that so many people experience? We would love to help you envision and create a life that you can embrace wholeheartedly. Please take a moment to explore our services. It's time to live and express the fullness of who you are!

I have asked Victoria to do readings for me regularly over the last several years, and I have never been disappointed! She is intuitive and insightful, highly skilled at interpretation, and is such a gentle, compassionate woman.
— CY

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A Life Path Reading offers valuable insight into your life as it is and guidance and support to make the changes you want to make. You will be working with your hidden blocks and new growth opportunities.



Energy healing facilitates a harmonising process by clearing blocks in the auric field, repairing and re-balancing the energy patterns. The body can then move to its optimal level of balance to heal itself.



This powerful session includes a second chakra healing and a guided journey to meet with your intuitive self. You will tune in and ask important questions about your soul mission and unique gifts.



Take an active role in creating the changes you desire. Performing a ceremony will invoke harmony in your life and help you work in partnership with the powers of the universe.  



My services can also be given over the phone. A phone session works much like an in person session where Victoria tunes into your energies and receives guidance about your life and well-being.



Victoria Lagerstrom, owner and founder of Soul Garden Companion

Victoria Lagerstrom, owner and founder of Soul Garden Companion

The in-between places, as hard as they may be, are a rare gift. Once experienced, they often usher in a new phase of life.
— Victoria Lagerström

Victoria Lagerström

Professional Tarot reader, shamanic healing practitioner, owner and founder of Soul Garden Companion.

The women on my father’s side were healers, psychics, and artists. I have always been a free spirit like them. My quest for love and soulful work led me from Stockholm, Sweden to a small desert town in Southwestern United States. I found my wings and my community to serve. 

I provide healing services from my home in Zion Canyon, and I offer phone sessions nationally and internationally as there are no geographic limitations when working with energies.

Please contact me for more information and to make your appointment. warmly, Victoria

More about Victoria…

After my session with Victoria, I heard this quote that instantly made me think of my experience “The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.
— RT
This was my first reading, and if it’s the only one I ever have, there is no doubt that its effects will be alive many years from now. Victoria is grounded, visionary, humble and immensely wise.
— CG
Timely, insightful and right on target. My sessions with Victoria always hit the mark.
— TW
Everything she said struck a chord with me and I really felt as though I had found the answers I had been looking for. It isn’t easy to connect with a complete stranger on such a deep level in just one meeting but Victoria made that happen.
— GB

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Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, she became a butterfly.
— Barbara Haines Howett